Built Right from the Start.

Our sheds use strong 2x4 & 2x6 construction

Standard 1/2 plywood sheeting, building paper, a metal roof or asphalt roof with roofing felt. We only use exterior grade doors and inspection grade vinyl or wood windows.

Lots of Options

Our sheds come with many different options to meet your desire:

Metal roofs or ashphalt roofs, cedar siding, board and batten, or fibre cement, storage lofts, insulated, heated, electrified or basic. We have many options to choose from.

Designed For You

Custom Designed and Built to suit your needs.

We have some standard models, but if you want something unique we would be happy to design and build a shed totally customized to your needs and built to fit in with your backyard, home and landscaping.

About us

Have a look at some of projects from not only sheds, but pergolas, decks and landscaping. We can transform your backyard in to functional relaxing out door living space. If you can dream it, the odds our we can build it.


We design custom sheds to meet your needs and to match with your home and landscaping.

We not only build sheds, but we will also do landscape design to transform your entire backyard into an outdoor living space.

Decks, pergolas, water features, we build any landscaping structure you can dream up.

As you can see we build a lot of different sheds. Let us build a shed that meets your needs and looks good at the same time.

Let us transform your backyard into an outdoor living space, that includes an entertaining area, a lounging area, that you can enjoy with style and class. A place you can enjoy spending with friends and family.

Hardscapes Washington Dc

Elevating Outdoor Aesthetics with Hardscapes in Washington DC

Capitol Hardscapes Crafting Elegant Outdoor Spaces in DC

As the heartbeat of our nation's capital, Washington DC is not only home to historic monuments but also to residential and commercial properties that boast unparalleled elegance. At Capitol Hardscapes, we take pride in elevating these spaces with our detailed craftsmanship in hardscaping, creating enchanting environments where memories are made and tranquility is found.

Our work in hardscapes Washington DC offers an intricate dance between functionality and artistry, ensuring each project we undertake enhances both the visual charm and the value of the property. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every stone laid and every design rendered.

Custom Patio Designs: Foundations for Family Memories

Imagine a patio that's not just a mere extension of your home, but a stage for life's greatest moments. Capitol Hardscapes specializes in creating custom patios that reflect your lifestyle and complement the natural beauty of our city's surroundings.

Each design we conceive is a unique narrative, telling the story of the family it serves. Whether it's a quaint corner for morning coffees or a sprawling terrace for grand celebrations, our patios are crafted with the care they deserve.

Garden Pathways: A Stroll Through Serenity

There's a certain magic in meandering through a beautifully crafted garden walkway. Our team at Capitol Hardscapes takes this to heart, designing pathways that not only guide your steps but also lead you to moments of peaceful contemplation.

In our work within the hardscapes Washington DC realm, we use a variety of materials that both endure the elements and complement the local palette. Our paths are more than just connections between spaces; they're journeys through nature's art gallery.

Each pathway is an invitation to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature's embrace, meticulously integrated into your personal landscape.

Driveways and Functionality: First Impressions Count

Never underestimate the power of a beautifully constructed driveway; it's the first glimpse into your world. Our driveways don't just endure the constant travel but also elevate your property's curb appeal.

We consider the aesthetic unity of your outdoor space and the practicality of everyday use. Our hardscape artisans work with a range of materials to craft a driveway that stands as a testament to your taste and our dedication to durability.

Sustainable Materials and Techniques

With sustainability at the forefront of our designs, we select materials that not only stand up to Washington DC's weather but also tread lightly on the earth. Our techniques are modern, reflecting the latest in eco-friendly innovation while maintaining the classic beauty that our city is known for.

We are dedicated to advancing the hardscapes Washington DC industry towards a greener future, where each project contributes to a more sustainable urban landscape.

Outdoor Kitchens: Culinary Havens Under the Stars

Elegant Outdoor Kitchen Designed by Capitol Hardscapes

Imagine the aromas of gourmet meals wafting through the air in your custom outdoor kitchen. Capitol Hardscapes brings culinary dreams to life under the open sky, crafting spaces that are as functional as they are breathtaking.

An outdoor kitchen from us is not just another appliance; it becomes the heart of your garden, a hub of flavor and fellowship. Our designs are bespoke, ensuring that every detail, from the choice of stone to the placement of the grill, aligns with the way you entertain and enjoy.

Retaining Walls: Merging Utility with Elegance

Retaining walls are the unsung heroes of hardscaping, providing essential support and structure to your landscape. Yet, at Capitol Hardscapes, we believe these walls can also be striking features of your outdoor space.

We construct retaining walls using materials that echo the tones of our city and your property, turning what could be a mundane necessity into a statement of taste and architectural insight.

Our walls do more than just hold back soil; they create terraced gardens, elegant seating areas, and dramatic landscape contours. They're not only about endurance but also about enhancing the outdoor living experience.

The Capitol Hardscapes Difference: A Symphony of Stone and Creativity

What sets Capitol Hardscapes apart in the hardscapes Washington DC industry is our approach to each project as a piece of living art. We harmonize with your vision and the rhythmic pulse of the city to create spaces that tell your unique story.

We understand that hardscaping is more than just construction; it's an extension of your personality and a reflection of your lifestyle. That's why we pour not just concrete and stone, but also passion and precision into every endeavor.

In our commitment to crafting landscapes that inspire, we go beyond the standard. We explore new materials, test innovative techniques, and challenge ourselves to think outside the box, all to elevate your outdoor space into a realm of enchantment.

Client-Focused Collaboration: Your Vision, Our Craft

In our industry, success is measured not just in the perfection of our installations, but in the satisfaction of our clients. We believe in a collaborative process where communication is key and your desires are the driving force.

From the first sketch to the final stone, we keep you involved, ensuring that the final product is a true collaboration. We take the time to understand your needs, translating them into tangible, beautiful realities. Our design philosophy is one that embraces personal touches, ensuring your hardscapes Washington DC project is a reflection of you.

We're not just building hardscapes; we're fostering relationships, ensuring that each client feels heard, valued, and excited about the journey we undertake together.

Innovation and Excellence: The Foundations of Our Craft

At Capitol Hardscapes, we stand on the cutting edge of hardscaping innovation. Our dedication to excellence drives us to seek out the latest in design trends, materials, and methods.

Our team is comprised of visionaries and craftsmen who share a commitment to creating extraordinary spaces. With every project, we're not just laying stones; we're laying the groundwork for future innovation in our field, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in hardscapes Washington DC.

Concluding Thoughts: Beyond the Blueprint

As artisans of the earth, we at Capitol Hardscapes understand that our work is more than just following a blueprint. It's about breathing life into raw materials, transforming them into spaces that resonate with the spirit of our clients and the heart of our city.

We take our role in shaping the landscape of Washington DC seriously, honoring the trust placed in us to create outdoor spaces that stand the test of time and become the setting for life's most precious moments.

Enchanting Retaining Wall by Capitol Hardscapes

For those seeking a touch of grandeur in their outdoor spaces, Capitol Hardscapes is not just a choice but a partner in the journey to create living legacies in stone and greenery. It's where imagination meets the ground--literally.

What considerations go into selecting materials for hardscape projects in Washington DC?

When it comes to materials for hardscapes in Washington DC, we at Capitol Hardscapes consider factors such as the aesthetic harmony with the property's surroundings, the material's durability against local weather conditions, and its environmental impact. For instance, we select stones that complement the iconic tones of our city's architecture. Moreover, we prioritize sustainability by opting for materials that offer longevity while minimizing our ecological footprint. Guiding clients through this selection process is a collaboration that ensures the hardscape not only looks exquisite but also stands as a beacon of eco-consciousness in the urban landscape.

Why is a custom patio design so integral to family living in Washington DC?

In the hustle and bustle of Washington DC, a custom patio serves as a personal oasis for families and individuals alike. At Capitol Hardscapes, we see a patio as more than a surface; it's a canvas for family memories and social gatherings. A custom design ensures that every feature, from the flow of foot traffic to the choice of materials, resonates with the client's lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. A well-crafted patio is where morning coffees, weekend barbecues, and evening soirees come to life against the backdrop of our beautiful city.

How do garden pathways contribute to the overall landscape experience?

Garden pathways are not just practical elements for navigation; they are an integral part of the landscape experience, guiding you through different 'rooms' of your outdoor space. At Capitol Hardscapes, we meticulously design each pathway to encourage a pace that allows for the appreciation of the surrounding beauty. The materials used are chosen not only for their durability but also for their ability to integrate with the natural environment, thus turning a simple walk into a journey through a living art gallery.

How do you balance aesthetics and functionality when designing driveways?

Striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality is key when designing driveways. We at Capitol Hardscapes ensure that our driveways are robust enough to handle frequent use while also contributing to the property's curb appeal. This means selecting materials that match the home's style and can withstand the wear and tear of DC's weather. We also consider the driveway's layout, ensuring ample parking and ease of access, while crafting it as an inviting gateway into the home.

What sustainable practices does Capitol Hardscapes incorporate into its hardscaping projects?

Sustainability is at the core of our hardscaping projects. At Capitol Hardscapes, we employ modern techniques like using permeable pavers that allow for natural water drainage and reduce runoff. We also explore the use of recycled materials and local sources to lower the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Our approach to sustainability includes educating clients on eco-friendly options and the long-term benefits they bring to both the environment and the property's resilience.

What are the essential elements of a successful outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is more than just a cooking space; it's a centerpiece for entertainment. Essential elements include efficient layout, weather-resistant materials, and appliances that cater to the client's culinary needs. As with every project at Capitol Hardscapes, we customize these spaces to fit seamlessly into the existing landscape, ensuring they enhance the property's ambiance while providing functional utility.

What are the unforeseen benefits of integrating retaining walls into landscaping?

Retaining walls often go unrecognized for their versatility. Beyond their primary function of holding back soil, when designed by Capitol Hardscapes, these structures can create additional usable space on sloped land, provide seating, and serve as a focal point that adds depth and interest to the landscape. A well-constructed retaining wall can transform a challenging terrain into tiered garden beds or elegant outdoor living areas, proving functionality can go hand-in-hand with aesthetic appeal.

Why is client collaboration so important in hardscape projects?

Client collaboration is essential for personalizing each hardscape to the individual's or family's needs. Everyone's vision of the perfect outdoor space differs, and at Capitol Hardscapes, we believe in harnessing these unique visions to bring dreams to life. Such collaboration ensures the result is not just a standard installation, but a personalized environment that reflects the client's style and optimizes their outdoor living experience.

We're always on the lookout for emerging trends and techniques that can enhance our work. This includes attending industry workshops, studying architectural and landscaping trends, and listening closely to client feedback. Our team's passion to innovate means that every project incorporates something fresh and potentially trendsetting, ensuring that Capitol Hardscapes leads rather than follows in the hardscaping field.

How does hardscaping create a lasting impact on Washington DC's residential and commercial properties?

Hardscaping goes beyond beautification; it's an investment in the property's functionality and value. By creating outdoor spaces that are both stunning and sustainable, we help shape a property's character and enhance its appeal. Our hardscapes are designed to stand the test of time, both physically and stylistically, ensuring that properties continue to benefit from our work for years to come. The lasting impact is seen in the increased enjoyment of the space and, often, in the property's market valuation.

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