Built Right from the Start.

Our sheds use strong 2x4 & 2x6 construction

Standard 1/2 plywood sheeting, building paper, a metal roof or asphalt roof with roofing felt. We only use exterior grade doors and inspection grade vinyl or wood windows.

Lots of Options

Our sheds come with many different options to meet your desire:

Metal roofs or ashphalt roofs, cedar siding, board and batten, or fibre cement, storage lofts, insulated, heated, electrified or basic. We have many options to choose from.

Designed For You

Custom Designed and Built to suit your needs.

We have some standard models, but if you want something unique we would be happy to design and build a shed totally customized to your needs and built to fit in with your backyard, home and landscaping.

About us

Have a look at some of projects from not only sheds, but pergolas, decks and landscaping. We can transform your backyard in to functional relaxing out door living space. If you can dream it, the odds our we can build it.


We design custom sheds to meet your needs and to match with your home and landscaping.

We not only build sheds, but we will also do landscape design to transform your entire backyard into an outdoor living space.

Decks, pergolas, water features, we build any landscaping structure you can dream up.

As you can see we build a lot of different sheds. Let us build a shed that meets your needs and looks good at the same time.

Let us transform your backyard into an outdoor living space, that includes an entertaining area, a lounging area, that you can enjoy with style and class. A place you can enjoy spending with friends and family.

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gravel supplier CT

gravel supplier CT


Gravel is also referred to as crushed stone and is a great alternative to tarmac and concrete. The rocks used to make gravel are mainly ballast, limestone, and sandstone.

Crushed stone materials are regarded as the go-to products for use in different construction projects, home improvements, and designs. Top quality crushed stone is used for placement around your hedges and trees to create visual appeal. It is also used for other projects including drainage purposes and driveways. Let Paramount Stone be your gravel supplier in CT.

What are The Grade Types of Gravel?

Crushed stone comes in different grades such as #1, #3, #5, #8, #10, #57, and #67. The grades are usually determined depending on the stone size after it's crushed. We will help you choose the best application for a particular stone. This is because gravel is versatile in its use from decorating landscapes to base product for pavers.

If you need a specific crushed stone size for your project, contact us and our material experts will satisfy your needs.

What is the Cost of a Ton of Gravel?

The cost of a ton of gravel will depend on the gravel type being purchased. Simpler forms of gravel are cheaper than decorative gravel. The common greyish or white gravel will cost an average of $28 for a ton while decorative gravel will average $38 to $72 per ton. As your gravel supplier, our prices are highly competitive in the market.

Why Should Gravel Driveways Be Maintained?

Gravel driveways have to be well taken care of if you want to ensure safe and optimal performance, control dust, and extend its lifespan. Depending on the traffic in the driveway and the local climate, gravel roads need to be regraded once every year or more.

Meanwhile, dips and potholes ought to be filled to avoid them getting deeper and broader. While potholes can be repaired using hand tools, you'll require heavy equipment for regrading.

Do you need gravel for your driveway? We are one of the leading gravel suppliers in CT. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by supplying superior quality landscape materials and construction aggregates. Our commitment to affordable prices and customer service have established Paramount Stone as a reliable supplier you can depend on.


How Long Can A Gravel Driveway Last?

With proper maintenance and care, a gravel driveway is able to last for even 100 years. The advantage of crushed stone is that it can be replenished and repaired on a continuous basis. Moreover, gravel is less susceptible to damage from frost heave or freeze-thaw cycles, which can cause major settling and cracking in solid driveways.

We're the Best in What We Do

In need of a reliable gravel supplier in CT? Paramount Stone has got you covered. We provide our clients with fast delivery services. What’s more, we have different grades of gravel. With our many years of experience in the industry, our commitment is to do everything to meet and satisfy all your needs. Contact us using our email address info@paramountstone.com for quick and reliable services.



gravel supplier CT
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