Built Right from the Start.

Our sheds use strong 2x4 & 2x6 construction

Standard 1/2 plywood sheeting, building paper, a metal roof or asphalt roof with roofing felt. We only use exterior grade doors and inspection grade vinyl or wood windows.

Lots of Options

Our sheds come with many different options to meet your desire:

Metal roofs or ashphalt roofs, cedar siding, board and batten, or fibre cement, storage lofts, insulated, heated, electrified or basic. We have many options to choose from.

Designed For You

Custom Designed and Built to suit your needs.

We have some standard models, but if you want something unique we would be happy to design and build a shed totally customized to your needs and built to fit in with your backyard, home and landscaping.

About us

Have a look at some of projects from not only sheds, but pergolas, decks and landscaping. We can transform your backyard in to functional relaxing out door living space. If you can dream it, the odds our we can build it.


We design custom sheds to meet your needs and to match with your home and landscaping.

We not only build sheds, but we will also do landscape design to transform your entire backyard into an outdoor living space.

Decks, pergolas, water features, we build any landscaping structure you can dream up.

As you can see we build a lot of different sheds. Let us build a shed that meets your needs and looks good at the same time.

Let us transform your backyard into an outdoor living space, that includes an entertaining area, a lounging area, that you can enjoy with style and class. A place you can enjoy spending with friends and family.

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Concrete Pumps For Sale

Concrete Pumps For Sale

When your next construction project is going to have to involve the assistance of a concrete pump, you may not wish to purchase a brand new one, first of all because of the cost that your business will have to come up with, or possibly that your usual course of business doesn’t usually call for the use of one, you may wish to purchase a used concrete pump that can save you literally thousands of dollars. Concrete Pumps USA, Equa Corporation, offers several of the most reliable, strongest and most durable concrete pumps for sale within the entire region. We are a top rated licensed motor vehicle & equipment dealer in the state of Utah that has been in business for over the last 50 years.

Choosing the Right Concrete Pump

Concrete Pumps USA, Equa Corporation, has been providing the largest selection and the most affordable prices for all of our concrete pumps for sale, hoping to keep our past and present clients coming back to us time and time again. The first type of concrete pump that we offer is one that is attached to a truck, and longer units are placed on a semi-trailer, which are known as a boom concrete pump because it uses a robotic arm that places the concrete accurately where you want it. Another type of concrete pump is known as a line pump that is mounted on a truck or placed on a trailer, using steel placing hoses that are manually attached to the outlet of the machine.

Available Financing

We also offer loans and leasing options for several pieces of equipment, such as stone slingers, mixers, concrete pumps, and other types of machinery that you may need to use for your next project. We offer 100% financing on all of our equipment with our special financing programs that also include 24 hour approval on our loans, used and new equipment both qualify for our financing options, and we can also work with your needs with our flexible terms and structures that we will happily explain to you. You can also re-finance your existing concrete pump, giving your business extra money that can be used for any other reason you may need it for. When you decide to re-finance your existing equipment, you will enjoy the same generous terms that we offer for our loans and leases.

Our Contact information

When you are searching for a reliable and well established heavy duty equipment dealer that can offer you affordable pricing and flexible loan terms on the concrete pumps for sale that they offer, Concrete Pumps USA, Equa Corporation, would like to invite you to visit our web site at concretepumpsusa.com, and see our full selection of all of the extremely durable construction equipment that we offer for sale or for lease. You can also complete your financing paperwork if you choose to possibly be interested in a loan. You can also call us at 435.615.0072 and speak with one of our professional and knowledgeable customer service reps.

Concrete Pumps For Sale

Where to find concrete pumps for sale?

constructionAt Concrete Pumps USA, you can buy and sell different types of concrete pumps. We offer an online window so that you can find concrete pumps for sale in excellent condition for your construction project.Here, at Concrete Pumps USA, you can find exactly what you are looking for. We have hundreds of concrete pumps listed among eight different categories, so we are sure that you will find what just what ...

Reviewing the Types of Concrete Pumps for Sale

concrete pumps for saleOne of the best places to buy concrete pumps for sale is Concrete Pumps USA, no matter what type of pump you’re looking for. Shoppers will find multiple types of pumps from popular brands like Reed and Concord. The three basic types of pumps for concrete include line pumps, boom pumps, and specialized usage concrete units.What type of pump you will need depends on what you plan on using ...

Concrete Pumps for Sale: New & Used w/ Financing

concrete pumps for sale Concrete Pumps USA has the best selection of concrete pumps for sale in North America! No one has a larger variety of the world's most trusted names in concrete pumping equipment than we do! That's not conjecture, either. That's a fact! Check out our full inventory today of new and used concrete pumps for sale. You may call us directly to speak with a Concrete Pumps USA representative to receive ...

What You Should Know When Searching Concrete Pumps For Sale

concrete pumps for saleA concrete pump is one of the more popular methods for the transfer of liquid concrete for a variety of reasons. This equipment has now become an everyday staple for building sites on all different types of projects. Once the concrete pump was designed and has now become more widely used, they help to boost the efficiency of many building projects, especially if there are high-rises going up. If ...

Affordable Concrete Pumps for Sale

concrete pump truckConcrete pumps for sale bring unsurpassed efficiency to your construction firm. Concrete Pumps USA offers a range of industrial-grade equipment to help you create almost any structure.What are concrete pumps?Concrete pumps are a large piece of equipment allow you to accurately control the flow of the concrete mixture. Certain equipment allows you to mix and spread the material as well.Control is crucial to generating cost ...

Buying Concrete Pumps for Sale for the Future of Your Business

concrete pumps for saleInvesting in new equipment for your construction company is a smart way to prepare your business for the future. Before you decide to invest in equipment for your business, you need to decide which types of equipment you need the most. Take an inventory of your construction equipment that is in good working order and consider if any need to be replaced.If you have equipment that is constantly breaking ...

Best Concrete Pumps for Sale: New & Used

Concrete Pumps USA is a licensed dealer of concrete pumps. We have the best concrete pumps for sale in the world! Whether you are in the market for a new or used concrete pumping machine, we have got a massive selection to choose from here. Indeed, Concrete Pumps USA has a full line of truck-mounted pumps, trailer pumps, telebelts, city pumps, laser screeds, stone slingers, and mobile mixers. Choose from the most popular brands, including ...

The Most Suitable Small Concrete Pumps for Sale

concrete pumps for saleThe evolution of technology is causing an equal increase in popularity in the use of concrete pumps. Better engineering means that concrete pumping is becoming dominant and profoundly transformative to the architectural field. Concrete Pumps USA sources its superior pump machines from legend manufacturers like Concord, Sany, Schwing, Reed, Alliance, and Putzmeister.Most small-scale constructors prefer a small pumping machine. The most applicable projects include building average residential homes ...

Best Prices on Concrete Pumps For Sale

concrete pumps for sale      As you search the Web for concrete pumps for sale, keep Concrete Pumps USA in mind for a great deal. We have one of the largest online selections of used concrete pumps for every situation you face on the job site. Save thousands of dollars on a concrete pump when you choose from our low-hour inventory, with all major brands available:ReedAllianceConcordCifaSanyOlinMaycoSchwingPutzmeisterWhat is a Concrete Pump?A concrete pump is ...

Used Concrete Pumps for Sale

concrete pumpConcrete pumps have fast replaced traditional methods of transferring liquid concrete in construction sites. The main types of pumps are boom pumps and line pumps. Boom pumps are suitable for larger projects while a line pump is preferred where there’s a smaller volume of concrete being used.Concrete Pumps USA has for more than fifteen years provided contractors with site equipment and vehicles. The brands in our inventory include ...

The Best Concrete Pumps for Sale

concrete pumps for saleConcrete pumps can pump large volumes of concrete at one time, which makes many concrete construction jobs run more smoothly and more quickly. There are a few basic types of concrete pumps, but the most popular type of concrete pump is the boom pump. A boom pump is usually mounted and has a robotic arm that is remote controlled. These concrete pumps are truck mounted so that they ...

How You Can Benefit from Our Concrete Pumps For Sale

concrete pumps for saleConcrete pumps are quite common in the construction business. They prove to be beneficial in so many aspects, such as saving money, time, and ease of use. The advantage of investing in these machines has opened up an entrepreneurial business for owners who wish to rent their equipment. Concrete Pumps USA has concrete pumps for sale that will make back your capital fast due to their affordability and ...

Popular Types of Concrete Pumps for Sale

concrete pumps for saleA concrete pump in a type of machine that is often used in construction work, which transports liquid concrete through the process of pumping. There are three basic types of concrete pumps that are used in the world of construction. The most popular type is the kind that fits on most trucks and is used in smaller construction jobs called a boom pump.The second type of concrete pumps ...

Concrete Pumps for Sale: Choosing the Right Product

Concrete pumps are a very vital piece of equipment for any construction project because they are significantly used in moving liquid concrete by pumping it to where it is needed. The primary advantage of using this equipment is that they help transport concrete at a faster rate even in areas that have limited access.The importance of the concrete pump may be why you are looking to purchase one. If you are looking for concrete pumps ...

Important Questions to Ask When Buying Concrete Pumps For Sale

Buying a concrete pump is a huge investment. It can meaningfully improve the fortunes of anyone that has an interest in the construction industry. Though it offers lots of benefits, it is important that such investment be approached carefully.What’s more, it may be more meaningful, for instance, to buy a used concrete pump than to go all out for a new one. Affordability and reduced rate of depreciation are just few of the advantages this ...

6 Important Things to Check When Buying a Used Concrete Pump For Sale

A concrete pump is one important machine that can turn things around for businesses and individual contractors. If you are in the construction business and desire to buy a used concrete pumps for sale, there are some considerations you have to make. There are certainly lots of used concrete pumps for sale but not all of them are in great condition. Here, we will summarize six important things you must check when buying one.The Type ...

Where to Find the Best Concrete Pumps for Sale

Do you need concrete pumps for your construction? Are you searching for the best quality at an affordable price? If so, you can get the best concrete pumps for sale from our company, Concrete Pumps USA!What are Concrete Pumps?Concrete pumps are various sizes of machines used for transferring liquid concrete through a pumping process, and this method originated in Europe during the 1950’s. The invention of this type of machine has evolved over considerable time in many ...

Boom and Line Concrete Pumps for Sale

concrete pumps for sale                Concrete Pumps USA has concrete pumps for sale. We service the entire U.S., and we've got the pumps you need for any job at an affordable price. Check out our selection online any time, give us a call or send us an email, and we'll get back with you ASAP (within 24 hours).The Power of Having the Right Tool for Your JobDifferent jobs call for different tools. A ...

6 Tips to Help Determine Standard Concrete Pumps for Sale

concrete pumps for saleIn the construction industry, a concrete pump is one of the most important machines. There are several advantages of using them, and there are some projects that cannot be completed without them. These machines are not the cheapest of equipment you will find in a construction site, however. Buying one is truly a massive investment that should be made after extensive considerations.Standard concrete pumps for sale should have ...

How to Select and Buy the Right Concrete Pump?

We havve the best concrete pumps for saleIn the construction industry, many times arises the problem of taking the concrete to very high or distant places. You just cannot perform this task with conventional machinery. The most recommendable and efficient way to do it is using a concrete pump, a device that allows you to empty your mixture in places that were previously ...

What To Do Before Putting Up Your Used Concrete Pumps For Sale

concrete pumps for saleAre you planning to put up your used concrete pumps for sale? There are certain things you must do before and after you put up your concrete pumps for sale to attract buyers and also avoid return and dispute. Here are necessary tips on what to do when putting up your concrete pumps for sale.Put them in perfect conditionExcept you are planning to sell your old concrete pumps ...

Tips On Buying Used Concrete Pumps For Sale

With all the concrete pumps for sale these days, purchasing one for yourself or for business use can be quite overwhelming. When it comes to placing concrete for any construction work, you’d want to get a concrete pump that can provide the most efficient performance. If you are considering buying a new concrete pump but you do not know where to start, here are a few buying tips to consider.Type of ...

Choosing The Right Concrete Pumps For Sale

concrete pumps for saleConcrete pumps are generally known to offer the most efficient means of placing concrete for a construction project. As a matter of fact, the machines are responsible for expanding the imagination of skyscraper engineers and developers because they make it possible elevate the cement material to those heights. Simply, put they make modern construction possible.Any other method of conveying and pouring concrete other than the use of concrete ...
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