Storage Sheds Benefits and Design

One of the biggest advantages of having a storage shed is that that you can use the space to declutter the rest of your home. Seasonal items that would normally take up space in your closets, laundry room, or guest bedroom can be moved to your storage shed for easy access when needed later.

  1. A storage shed can free up enough space in your home to allow you to find new uses for rooms that were previously full or cluttered. A guest bedroom could now serve as both a guest bedroom and a crafts room with all of the extra storage items now safely stowed away in your shed. The laundry room could now better serve its purpose by having more space for organization.
  2. A storage shed can also aid in cleaning out the garage. Imagine having a garage that you can use to protect your car from the elements and space to refill the windshield washer fluid and check the oil without the wind lashing at your cold hands. Some larger and bulkier items such as winter tires, bicycles and lawnmowers can be moved into a shed, which will make the garage more organized, pleasing to the eye and easier to navigate.
  3. Storage Sheds are also an excellent place to store hockey equipment, skates, skies, kayaks, roof racks, life jackets, inflatable pools toys, and kids outdoor toys.
  4. A storage shed can also replace lost space when a family member comes home from university or an elderly family member moves in. They are also a necessity when a family adds a rental suite to their home, as they provide some of the space that is lost to the tenants.

The biggest advantage of a storage shed is that it helps keep your life and your possessions organized so you can find them easily and quickly when you need to. There are many different types of shelving and racking available today. When they're combined with bins or totes you can create a fantastic organization system worthy of a Pinterest page.

The diagrams at the right show two possible configurations for an 8 x 12 storage shed. The first diagram includes one wall of storage and a work bench on the opposite wall. While the second diagram has no work bench, but is maximized to get the most storage out of the shed by using three of the walls as storage units.

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