Backyard Office Studio

This studio was specifically built to be a backyard office for our client so she could escape her home and focus on running her business during the day. This small building was designed to incorporate many windows to allow natural light to be the primary lighting source. The dimensions of this studio are a bit different from the majority of our studios because this studio was designed to fit the office furniture the client had in mind.

This studio is build exactly like a home is built. It rests on a 10″ concrete slab foundation with rebar, it has 2×4 walls with half inch exterior sheathing, building paper and 1×8 board and batten siding. This studio is suitable for any yard from West Vancouver to Surrey.

This studio is electrified with lights, plugs, heat, internet and a telephone line. The interior is finished with drywall, wood cased windows and a beautiful hardwood floor.