A Craftsman Woodworking Studio Shed

A retired MD hired us to design and build this lovely workshop shed. While practicing medicine, he had no time for a hobby due to the demanding nature of his job. He had always wanted to get into woodworking and since he and his wife are serious gardeners it was critical that all elements of the shed including style, location and design, mesh with their current backyard.

Our team met with our clients and worked to design a cottage Craftsman shed that would complement their West Coast curb appeal. As woodworking demands excellent lighting, our team designed many glass windows to harness natural light. Not ignoring the climate, 8 pot lights were designed into the ceiling of the shed to ensure the doctor has sufficient light even on the rainiest of days.

A high, cathedral ceiling was designed into this shed to make it easy for our client to shuffle around building materials around while busy with a woodworking project. It’s easy to bang a shed ceiling when one is working with sheets of plywood and 8 foot long boards.  A six foot wide French door unit was selected for the front and primary door so our client can seamlessly expand his workshop outside when the sun makes an appearance.

As with most of our studio sheds, this one has a concrete foundation that will not ever wear out as well as an exterior building envelope finish that will easily last longer than their home.