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If you’re a backyard gardener, you understand how easy it is for your garage and yard to get cluttered with planting pots, potting mixes, and tools. Your garage may even be serving double-duty as a potting or planting shed while your car is setting out in the elements.

Vancouver Sheds wants homeowners to know that you can reclaim your garage space with the help of a beautifully built and perfectly functioning garden shed. Imagine a place where all of your pots and mixes, shovels and hand trowels, even your tiller can be neatly stored and found the moment you need them. Your house and garage- two places that were never really intended to store garden items- will be instantly freed up so that you can live in your home the way that it was meant to live in.

Vancouver Sheds can build you a custom garden and potting shed for less than you may think. They also have model designs that are quite affordable and functional. When you call them at 604-716-6299, you can speak with an expert who can answer your questions with regard to storage solutions. You can also visit Vancouver Sheds’ website at to look at pricing and considerations, featured projects and read more about the company.

When you speak with someone from Vancouver Sheds, you’ll understand why their customers return to them time after time to meet their building needs. Vancouver stands behind everything that they build with a 5 year warranty. If, after your shed is built, you have any questions, you’re only to call them.

Today’s storage shed is a far cry from that of yesterday- with maximized square footage from shelving and racks and a smart floor plan. A garden shed has many uses aside from potting seedlings and storing your garden tools. They’re also the perfect place for keeping seasonal items and large space-wasters that would normally clutter up your garage, such as lawnmowers, Christmas decorations and rarely used household items.

Vancouver Sheds is a division of The Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations. While The Indoor Outdoor Buy’s main focus is the building of home additions and the kitchen and bathroom renovations that go along with them, their sheds division allows them to use their existing experience to focus on building sheds that are reasonably priced and of excellent quality. Vancouver Sheds builds sheds right from the start, with strong 2×4 and 2×6 construction, standard 1/2 plywood sheeting, metal or asphalt roofing and exterior grade doors and windows. Vancouver sheds are built to last.

Whether buying one of their standard models or a shed that has been custom designed for you, their designs are thought out, through and through, to ensure that they function well and survive everything the west coast weather can throw at them.

Why not give Vancouver Sheds a call at 604-716-6299 and have them come out and meet with you to discuss your shed needs?

Garden Sheds Vancouver

Vancouver Sheds


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