Building a Studio Shed in Richmond

The process to build a studio shed in Richmond is fairly simple and straight forward. None of our zoning inquiries regarding studio sheds so far have lead to studio sheds in Richmond requiring a build permit. However, like many municipalities, Richmond does update their bylaws periodically. Richmond requires an arborist to be involved in the project if the tree roots on your property, your neighbour's property, or the city/park property could be affected by the construction of a shed.

Our process to build a studio shed in Richmond is as follows:

  1. Initial site visit and measurements.
  2. Creation of site map with shed and other building locations. (if required due to proximity of protected trees)
  3. Arborist's site visit to determine if tree roots are present in the proposed shed location. If an arborist's report is required, then the report will have to be submitted to the city.   (if required due to the proximity of protected trees)
  4. Initial inquiry to the city of Richmond with attached site map.
  5. Elevations drawings based on zoning restrictions prepared from the client sign-off.
  6. Excavation for foundation.
  7. Construction of studio shed.
  8. Electrical permit

There are many different types of sheds available in the market today with different price and quality levels. Our sheds, however, are built more similarly to a garage or new home construction and meet most if not all of the BC Building Code requirements. In short, our sheds are designed to last as long as your house or longer provided you maintain them the same way you maintain your home.

To have us make your dream studio shed a reality, fill out our request a consultation form or call us today at 604.277.5535.

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